Performing on 2007 Seattle Balkan Music Festival

Nedim H. Hamzic Hadjia - Guitar, Bass & Oud
Born in Sarajevo, activelly played Balkan music from 1980 through 1994. Moved to USA in 1995, currently runs a web development company based in Seattle.

Srdjan Gino Yevdjevich - Vocal & Percussions
Born in Sarajevo, founder of Gino Banana and leader of Kulutr Shock. Currently resides in Seattle when not touring with the band. More about Gino at

Amir Beso, Lazy - Guitar
Born in Sarajevo, one of the most accomplished guitarists from Bosnia, currently lives in Seattle. More about Lazy at

Aleksandar Branko Pavlovic - Bas Prim
Born in Subotica, moved to Sarajevo in 1984, then to USA in 1998 - "The King of Sadness" and a true master of Balkan gipsy music. Click here to see Branko perform Monty Csardas with his son Zeljko.

Takis Dotis - Bouzouki - Borin in Athens, Taki learned the Bouzouki, Baglama, and Tzoura from the great Rembetis. He was the first from his generation chosen to perform with the legendary Rembetis at the historical nightclub, Harama, before coming to America.

Mario Butkovic - Guitar, Bouzouki & Saz
Born in Brcko, moved to USA in 1996, curently resides in Seattle and plays lead guitar in Kultur Shock, but also works on his own music project.

Mary Sherhart - Vocal
Born in Seattle, Recipient of the 2007 Artist Trust / Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship. President Sevdah Institute North America (SINA). More on Mary at and

Edin Beho, Hobe - Guitar
Born in Sarajevo, was involved in numerous musical projects in Sarajevo until he moved to Atlanta in 1995, was a part of Mazel'-tov Cocktail Klezmar Project '97-'01. Currently pursues successful mechanical engineering career.

Elias Dotis - Keyboard, Bouzouki
Born in Seattle, he won the 2005 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival's soloist award for his bouzouki solo. Originally a drummer, he now plays keyboard in his father's band and continues to study the bouzouki.

Chet Corpt - Ney
Born in Seattle, he spend years in Turkey where he studdied makam. Chat also plays kora and has recently completed his studies in Ghana.