Welcome to 2007 Balkan Music Festival in Seattle

On Friday, June 29th, admirers of the Balkan and Roma music gathered in the Ballard area in Seattle to celebrate music, friendship, and peace. The original idea from about a year ago was to organize a get-together of old friends who once used to play together in Sarajevo in the 80's and who now live around the World. However, the Sarajevo friends then decided to share their passion for music with their new American and Balkan friends. Well, soon thereafter, the father of the original idea, Nedim H. Hamzic (Hadjia), asked himself, "Why not share the joy and love for Balkan and Roma music with all people who love it? On the bottom line, we are all friends. Why not do it every year at least once a year?" And that is how the idea for the Seattle Balkan Music Festival was born. Powered by love and joy in sharing, the initial thought about the musical reunion of just a few old friends turned into something much bigger as people arrived to the first Seattle balkan Music Festival from as far as San Francisco and Vancouver, BC.

The local Northwesterners enjoyed the musical mastery of the Sarajevo friends while the audience originating from the Balkans in addition to enjoying the moment was also reminded of old parties and concerts in their old country at which they enjoyed the sounds in which the Sarajevo friends once used to play.

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Some Comments by the Visitors

"Wow! You really did an incredible job, both in your presentation and in bringing all of these artists and musical genres together. It's hard for me to imagine that i will be able to experience a venue such as this in Seattle. Whatever time and money you put into this I wan to thank you for it; from the bottom of my Italian heart! Your story that told the circumstances that prompted the concert was very well done. I will certainly be there and do my best to bring several friends along..."

"The best Balkan music party in Seattle ever. A reunion of Roma and Bosnian musicians who used to play in Sarajevo before the recent war. This event took place at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club in Seattle."

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